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PJ Surveyors are experienced in all areas of property surveying with a broad menu of building-related services for our residential and commercial property clients. Whether you require a pre-purchase survey, a property valuation for tax purposes, or a party wall survey for a loft conversion project, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand, offering our insight, guidance and support as necessary.

We offer the following property-related services:

Home Surveys

Are you in the process of buying a residential property, either for your own use or as an investment? We highly recommend that you conduct your own due diligence by commissioning an independent home survey, so you understand the condition of the property you are about to purchase. The team at PJ Surveyors carries out the full range of home surveys endorsed by the Royal Institution of Surveyors and we are happy to advise on the best survey for your needs.

  • Condition Report

If you are looking to purchase a brand new or nearly new property that is in good condition and of conventional construction, a basic home survey may suffice to give you the peace of mind to proceed with the transaction. We will carry out a non-invasive site visit and record the current state of the property in an overview report. Using traffic-light condition ratings for each main element of the property, you will receive an overview and brief explanation for each element. If any major issues or urgent defects are found, these will be highlighted in the survey report, but the scope of this survey does not allow for further recommendations to be included.

  • Home Buyer Report

This mid-range property survey is the most popular choice, suitable for the majority of modern homes of standard construction that are in a reasonable state of repair. After a non-invasive property inspection, a detailed report covers all the important information you need to know to enable you to make an informed decision about your property purchase. Our findings will include any defect that will materially affect the property value including structural issues, damp and decay. A traffic-light condition rating will be provided for each element of the building including outbuildings, along with our recommendations for remedial action and ongoing maintenance. We can include a current market valuation if requested.

  • Building Survey

This comprehensive property investigation is recommended for buildings with complex surveying needs. This includes older properties built before 1945, large properties with 6+ bedrooms, non-standard constructions, and buildings that have undergone major alterations or that require major refurbishment. A non-invasive site visit will inspect all areas of the building and a detailed evaluation of the structural condition of the property will be delivered in an in-depth survey report. Again, traffic-light condition ratings are used to highlight the severity and urgency of any defects found, along with our professional recommendations for remedial action and ongoing repair and maintenance.

Period Building Surveys

We are Historic Building Professionals with a keen interest in period architecture and construction. Our Period Building Survey is designed specifically for heritage properties including traditional Victorian and Edwardian homes, thatched cottages and Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II listed buildings. The scope of the survey is similar to the Level 3 Building Survey but with a particular focus on the needs of the individual period building, construction methods and materials. From roof thatch and inglenook fireplaces to sash windows, solid wall constructions, lime render and more, we have the expertise to provide targeted building advice. We will also check that any modifications to a listed building have been carried out legally with full Listed Building Consent.

Specialist Defect Surveys

Where a general home survey has flagged up particular areas of concern, further investigations are often recommended to determine the exact nature and extent of the problem. Whether damp issues, timber decay or symptoms of structural movement were identified, for instance, a Specialist Defect Survey can confirm the problem and offer expert advice on how best to proceed. Our surveys can also be used for price renegotiations with the seller, negotiations with building contractors and dispute settlements with insurance companies.

Tudor House Hero

Property Valuations

Paul Justin and his team routinely conduct valuations for all types of residential and commercial properties on behalf of homebuyers and owners, investors, property developers or other third parties. In contrast to free-market appraisals carried out by estate agents, our formal market valuations are robust calculations that are accepted for probate matters and tax planning, by the courts in the case of divorce settlements and other legal matters, and by financial institutions including mortgage lenders and insurance companies.

Party Wall Surveys

PJ Surveyors are experienced party wall surveyors and can advise on all matters pertaining to The Party Wall Act 1996. If you are planning home improvements or a building project that affects a shared party wall structure or boundary, there is a statutory process that must be followed in order to protect the interests of the building owner and all adjoining owners. Loft conversions, basement excavations, chimney breast removals and building extensions in terraced or semi-detached homes are some of the most common types of work affected. We will serve the legally required party notices and prepare a party wall award as necessary, guiding you throughout the process with consummate skill and specialist expertise.